Sunday, March 29, 2009

it's cold in Indiana!

Today I am feeling like a nice aged swiss cheese. COLD cheese that is! we are in Indiana today on the United tour and I am very cold!

I think I will stay inside and keep warm!
I love this guitar by Rick Shaw. This guitar is called the Show Hope guitar. Rick is an amazing guitar builder! Check out his site if you have a chance!
He is making a guitar for me! I am super stoked! Anyhow...bummer...time for sound check...well at least I got time for one blog! I love you Mimsy! ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nostalgic moment . . .

Anybody remember Boomtown? I spent many a birthday party at Boomtown just outside of Reno, NV. they had fun games and of course the best simulation rides ever! the mine cart was my favorite! Saw this in Louisiana today...made me go back in time...oh reminds me watched Back to the Future last night on the bus...I wish I was Marty McFly!

to grow or not to grow?

hmmmmmm.....should I keep the jungle of hair growing....or should I allow the blades of life to bring new life upon my head?? wife loves my long I am keeping the growing process going for her....but everyday...I can't lie...i want to cut it more and more...

Caleb and I in LA...well Louisiana that is...


Two of my favorite girls!!

Me and Mei Mei! Look at how cute my little sister is! This is the best picture I have ever had with her! I love it! Well....I will be bloggin' some more. Today I am in Louisiana for a Women of Faith gig. it's rainy. and I am missing my beautiful wife. If you have time go check out how awesome she is here to see her blog.


the Chez

Monday, March 23, 2009

First Blog!

HEY! friends, family, and strangers I've never met. This is where you can hear about all my travels whether from Nashville to Beijing or my house to the downtown Franklin Starbucks. Check in here with me and you'll be sure to see what I am up to! Thanks for stopping by!

the Chez