Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was just in Long Beach, CA and I was just reminded of how AMAZING California is! Look at some of these amazing things that come from CA!
so...I could wake up every morning to this!
OK so these technically come from Germany. . . but when you are in CA turn to the right-- turn to the left-- and you're bound to see one in your peripheral.

This is a must if you are in CA. i mean...enough said..

And now here is this little hottie exported out of Sonoma County now residing in the Nashvegas area bringing with her all the coolness from Cali.

I am so lucky to get a little bit of CA everyday because of her!

Friday, April 10, 2009




I woke up this morning in Valasia, CA. And this is the first thing I saw when I got out of the bus. SOOOOOO nice!

Sebastopol Family!

So the United tour was in Santa Rosa, CA yesterday and i got to see my wonderful family! Look how awesome they are! That's me with Will, Laurie, Bethie, Steve, Anna, and Steph. Anna was focused on "dude" walking by. This man was trying to sneak by as we snapped this great shot....awesome...

Here is me and my adorable little sister-in-law. isn't she so cute!

And here is what she'd look like if she had chipmunk cheeks! No...this was our candid picture for Mimsy. We all know how Mim doesn't like those posed smiling pictures!

Me and Steph. Steph, after she gets married, will be a citizen of Reno, NV, the city of my birth. it was great to see her and catch up. this picture was taken at a Thai food place which was wonderful. except steph's and my knees were killing after dinner because we had to sit indian style the whole time. but it was a great day!

Baltimore weird guy....the pics say it all

I was walking on the streets of Baltimore when I happened upon this creature. strange...

Mirror fun! do I look?
Caleb looks so hilarious in this one!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Beautiful wife/life

I was looking through my iPhoto folder and saw these pictures and wanted to share with you how amazing my wife is and how much I love her and love living life with her! ain't she so cute!!!

This was us in Tahoe last summer.
Here is one with the Goldstein clan.
Being in Truckee reminded me of so many things I did when I was a little boy. I used to go out with my brother and catch crawdads in Donner Lake. Here is me reenacting that...I was unsuccessful in catching one....too windy!

I want a 7-11 slurpee right now!

Mimsy! Let's go on more adventures together!! p.s. i love your long blond hair!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

a little bit o'baltimore I am in Baltimore, MD. Today started wonderfully. I woke up. ate some yogurt. went to starbucks. I heard some mandarin and looked around at some happy Chinese college students. I started speaking to them in Chinese and they were very happy to meet me and meet someone in the USA who could speak Chinese. then after set up and lunch...I walked around for a while. I went to this crazy market had all sorts of meats and vegetables for sale in little carts. It felt like another country. we are playing at this theater called the Hippodrome. It's been here in Baltimore a long time. I am tired. I hope I have some time this afternoon to close my eyes! Well...thanks for looking...see ya later!

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