Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was just in Long Beach, CA and I was just reminded of how AMAZING California is! Look at some of these amazing things that come from CA!
so...I could wake up every morning to this!
OK so these technically come from Germany. . . but when you are in CA turn to the right-- turn to the left-- and you're bound to see one in your peripheral.

This is a must if you are in CA. i mean...enough said..

And now here is this little hottie exported out of Sonoma County now residing in the Nashvegas area bringing with her all the coolness from Cali.

I am so lucky to get a little bit of CA everyday because of her!

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  1. well arent you just the sweetest thing ever. thanks babe :o) i do believe YOU are the best thing to come from California, but i suppose im biased. love ya!